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AI (artificial intelligence) is going to be one of great innovation in this technology era. It holds a huge potential for the Digital Marketing Agency as it is closely tied to machine learning.

“Recent Survey of Forbes: “84% of marketing organizations have already adopted AI and machine learning in 2018”.

This is because AI can successfully transform digital marketing and assist businesses to deliver enhanced customer experience. At its origin, Al implements its use of machines and their capability of constant learning and addresses issues. This development can play a big role in the digital advertising space because it provides more satisfying work on behalf of employees.

Actually, the AI momentum has been encouraged by the arrival of sophisticated data analytics tools, development in machine learning algorithms, accessibility of rich and wide datasets, and a data-driven approach to AI Marketing and innovation. This revolutionary development in AI will have far-reaching inferences across every business, including digital marketing. As per one of the identity theft statistics, In the US around 791 million identities were stolen. Therefore machine learning and AI can assist in automating threat detection and guard against cyber-attacks.

Let see the influence of AI on Digital Marketing in 2019:

Better Customer Experience with Chatbots

Digital marketing needs modern communication that should be characterized by improvement, rapidity, and precision in the delivery of the message. So AI can make possible this next-level engagement with the viewers. Chatbots, so, have come in an era with conditions of a controlling communication tool, nowadays. In the most basic way, a chatbot can be defined as a computer program that computerized sure tasks, normally by chatting with a user through a conversational border.

At a point when social media is ruling the world, Chatbots are considering as the future of interactive engagement. They will encourage customers to engage with marketers in terms of customer services, content usage, and transactional engagements. As per the research of eConsultancy “57% customers opt for live chat to address their queries.” Now a day’s every consumer looking for fast and responsive and Chatbots are well-programmed to provide that. These can also manage practical after-sale customer engagement by conveyance follow-up messages – a key quality for the achievement of a digital marketing approach.

Improved User Experience (UX)

Great user experience is a key metric of successful marketing. When it comes to communications, the user looks for clean UX and excellent customer services from conceptualization to implementation. Using artificial intelligence in marketing, marketers can alone adapt and design promotion campaigns for each user, making them easily influenced to take preferred events. The AI-powered customized solutions and messages usually focus on the existing background of where customers are and what they are doing, thus addressing the exact issue they have at that moment.

A better UX is what engaging customers visiting a website, and the more time they invest in it, the greater the change of interaction. Automation and AI can be applied to UX design in the type of self-optimizing websites and A/B testing. This makes customers for enjoyment as an improved UX from starting to end.

AI in Content Marketing

Every business should provide high-quality content in this competitive era. If you are not ready for this then your ROI will get decreased day by day. So know the importance of AI Marketing in your content marketing strategies in the future. Below are some strategies of AI that can add value to your content marketing strategies:

Predictive Analysis– Several businesses are growing their ROI by predictive analysis and lead scoring. A lead score will assist marketers to decide where a customer converts. Predictive analysis will assist marketers to decide which user to target.

Content Creation– Mistakenly, you might have read content created by a machine. This business approach is one of the easiest ways which can decrease the requirement for content. Large companies including Yahoo, Samsung, and Fox already opt AI for this accurate reason.

Apart from this, AI has functionalities which make sure that content marketers can boost efficiency, increase an in-depth perceptive of their target audiences, offer a more tailored brand experience to the regulars. AI provides a better customer experience along with improved ROI.


Machine learning can routinely manage some routine SEO tasks, such as data analysis and reporting. This doesn’t mean that SEO professional will not be required. Its means that machine learning will assist SEO experts and Digital Marketing Agency get more proficient results, rapidly.

In this cut-throat competition, Search Engine Optimizer will have to be well-prepared as AI Marketing will have a major influence on the below parts:

  • Keywords-Gathering and grouping the search queries of the people in depth and understanding the types of searches are important rather than focusing on keywords. As AI will be conversational, the importance of keywords will be reduced.
  • Siri, Alexa, Amazon Echo, and Google Home have increased requirement for voice search. Therefore, the content has to be more voice search friendly.
  • AI-powered Chatbots for instant support

A successful SEO approach takes time to show a positive outcome. It can collect data, recognize cross-selling viewers sections and track audience behaviour by determining the importance and efficiency of the content.

Ad targeting

Ads are important for brand endorsement and Artificial Intelligence in Marketing can create and encourage online Ads. It can create or enhance Ads content based on customer’s interest, preferences, likes, and dislikes.

Already Google Ad platforms use machine learning and artificial intelligence to engage the audience. AI can provide Ads to users based on their search history, prior purchase, demographics, interests, etc and lastly AI can show exact Ads to the right viewers at the right time. This will give improved ROI to AI Marketing team.

Simpler Search Sessions

Though the existing search sessions of users are fairly well, sometimes they can get confusing or awkward. With digital marketing introduced with AI Marketing, search engines will smarter and risk-free, as AI can simply track user’s behaviour and forecast their future decisions and web performance.

Bottom Line

Artificial intelligence is a rising technology which enhances a huge number of areas in digital marketing. The adoption of AI in digital marketing can make things more flexible for both customers and brands. AI and Digital Marketing Agency together will assist brands to provide enhanced customer experience and will make sure faster addressing the issues for customers.

Therefore, make use of all the artificial intelligence tools and software that offers never-ending advantages and boost your business.

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