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Marketing Automation Solutions for a Robust Marketing Experience

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Salesforce & Pardot



Customer Journey Mapping

Mapping your customer’s journey involves tracking the customer’s full lifecycle, their interactions with your brand for every stage of the lifecycle

Identify the right marketing channels

Advanced lead nurturing

Development of a lead scoring system

Content analysis

Revenue forecasting

CRM Services and Integration

Customer relationship management (CRM) software integration is vital in the overall success of your marketing operation. The CRM is where the sales reps gain new leads and insights into statistics that matter.

That’s why it is vital for your marketing automation solution and CRM to seamlessly integrate. Several of the integrations we specialize in include:

Marketing Automation Solutions Implementation

Di8 will help you every step of the way. From evaluation to implementation, we will provide technical expertise that will save you from wasting valuable company time and money due to faulty implementations and integrations.

Results that Speak for Themselves

Our marketing automation solutions drive measurable results include effective lead generation, high email deliverability, excellent marketing operation, and accurate marketing strategy execution. The simplification of programs also enables companies to have a deeper insight into their marketing operations and easily measure marketing ROI.

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