All-in-one platform for online education

Create an easy-to-go experience for your learners without losing
engagement, interactivity, and live communication

All In One Place

Easy To Use LMS

Live Interactive Lesson

Track Learner Activity

Look at the inner workings

All the Features You Need

Di8Edu has a list of features you need to build a full-fledged educational process.

Live Streaming

You will not lose communication among participants. The lectures format for a big audience, group sessions, 1-to-1 calls.


Easily operate your educational organization and save a lot of time for instructors and create a better experience for students


nteract with your students in messenger. You can send direct messages and create group channel


Use a Kanban-based solution for assignments. Timely support, communication with mentors and students increases the value of the course itsel

In-app Notifications

With our advanced notification system users receive reminders and notifications about activities in app

Analytics & Stats

Analyze your learners performance. We offer extensive insights and analytics tools. Provide timely support and watch metcrics.

Feedback Tools

Receive feedback from your learners and improve your materials and education process

Marketing Tools

Get your course marketed and earn more from your courses

Want to Reach Your Audience and Do Marketing Without Any Knowledge

We are here to get you students

All-in-one solution

You don’t need to use additional tons of services. It reduces the chance for students to get confused through many links and simplify the user experience.

Fully customizable

You can transfer your identity to the platform and students will not even know about the existence of an intermediary company.

Got any question?

If you have any suggestions feel welcome to write your message and we will contact you to discuss.